Thursday, July 30, 2015

Patti is home.


Wednesday I picked Patti up at the hospital:

I arrived at the hospital around 9:30. There was a class at 10:00 for the coaches (that’s me) of knee patients that are being discharged. It covered what we had to do for the patient when they get home.

When I got to Patti’s room she wasn’t doing so well, She had a bad night with lots of pain and little sleep. I sat with her for a bit, then went to the class. It was in the hospital at the opposite end of the hall from Patti room.

By the time the class was finished they had Patti pretty much ready to go home.
They wheeled her out to the street where I brought around the car. We loaded her in the car and we went home.

Patti walked with the walker to the house and up the stairs. She is doing good despite the pain.

When we got her into the house she wanted to lie down so we put her in bed. Patti slept for four hours which she really needed. She felt somewhat better after her nap but still is hurting.

A nice visit:

Around 6:00 Joanne and Dave came by for a visit with dinner for all of us. So thoughtful of them. Thanks guys!

At around 7:30 Patti got a flower delivery from her sister Kathy and brother-in-law Bob.
The flowers were supposed to be delivered to the hospital and be in her room when she came out of recovery. Well, the flowers never showed. After several phone calls it was decided to have them delivered to the house.



Thursday; Physical Therapy:

I put Patti to bed around 9:00 and she slept good until I had to wake her at 12:00am and 4:00am, to take some pain pills.

At around 8:00am Patti got up for an hour or so.

The PT technician is supposed to come by around 12:00pm to cause Patti more pain.

She is now resting.


Things are progressing satisfactorily.

The home care physical therapist stopped by at 12:30. We spent the first 20 minutes or so discussing Patti’s meds and what exercise she needed to do and a lot of other stuff pertaining to her therapy.
After that he had her do some tricks and took score. She scored very high but he stressed that she could backslide if she didn’t do her exercises regularly.

Patti was pretty tired after The PT guy left so she took a little nap. 

A big crash:

I went in to give Patti a pill around 4:00. When I sat on the edge of her bed to talk, the bed collapsed.
Patti did a real good job getting out of the wreckage without hurting herself.

As it turned out the rails on this old (antique) bed are warped pretty bad. The sides moved away and the slats fell between the rails. I had to take the bed apart and screw the slats and the plywood to the rails.
I think it will work now.
Unfortunately as I was working on the bed I tweaked by back; now Patti and I are both in pain.
Hopefully a good nights sleep and some good pain pills and I should be okay by tomorrow. (I hope)

“Getting old ain’t for sissies.”

OK, I’m going to get dinner ready. We are going to have steak and asparagus.

I think I’ll let Patti edit this and send it on.

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