Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A slow week.


We haven’t been doing much since I got home from the fourth of July weekend so this blog will be short. Just puttering around the house and getting things ready for when Patti has her knee surgery.
We decided that the best thing was to set up the spare room for her as there is more room for her walker and a commode for night time use. The bed room we currently use is just too small.
We also found a new recliner for her at Lazy Boy. Her current chair is too big for her and is broken. We may buy two new chairs since the ones we have now are old and have become uncomfortable for long periods.

Dave and I went up to Boonville yesterday. He is working on a project and needed a piece of Madrone tree limb. I am going to make some forged handles for his project and needed to get one of the propane tanks from the cabin to power my forge.

The weather was beautiful up at the cabin. Dave found a suitable Madrone branch while I puttered around the place. 

We had lunch and then drove down to the creek so I could take the crawdad trap out of the water and pick up a couple of things that I left down there.

We left the creek around 2:30 and headed for home.

Okay that’s it for now . . .

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