Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A trip to the Salvation Army store and an afternoon in the ER.


Yesterday was kind of different:

The plan for today was to go get a commode for Patti, vacuum the spare room and have dinner with Gabriella, Felice, and Marci.

We left the house around 10:00 and went to the Salvation Army store in Geyserville to buy a commode for Patti”s convalescence.
We found one for $5.00 and headed for home.
As we drove down the freeway toward Santa Rosa I found that I was feeling very hungry although it was only 11:30.
When we got home and I was walking to the house I felt a little dizzy. By the time I got in side I was so dizzy that I had to sit down.
I thought that maybe I was just hungry and my blood sugar was down or I needed to drink something.

Patti made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a drink. I ate the sandwich and drank some of the drink but the dizziness just got worse with sweating and a bit of nausea.
After a bit Patti suggested that we go to the emergency and I concurred.
I didn’t know what was happening but I have heard that if you have dizziness that you may be having a stroke and to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

An afternoon in the ER:

We went to Memorial hospital just six blocks from our house.
They were very efficient and had me checked in and being triaged by a nurse in just a few minutes.

As they wheeled me into a room I became very nauseous and had to use a barf bag. There goes my lunch!

They hooked me up to a bunch of monitors checked blood pressure and drew blood from my arm. They took an EKG and poked and prodded for a while.

Eventually a doctor came in and checked me out. He did a few tests like checking that my eyes tracked properly, listened to my heart and lungs. After a while they decided to send me to get an MRI on my brain to see If I’ve had a stroke.
That MRI was my first and what a strange experience that was.
They put me on a table, clamped a strange mask with large open areas over my face and slid me into this big white machine. Fortunately I’m not claustrophobic or this would have been a very bad experience. So, I’m laying there listening to some of the strangest sounds for about ten minutes. By the end of the session I was feeling like I was part of some strange cosmic rock band.

Awaiting a diagnosis:

After the scan they took me back to the room to await the diagnosis.

OK, so I have been here for about five hours, my dizziness has gone and I want to go home. 
Eventually the neurologist came in and told me that everything looked perfect on my brain, no stroke, no tumors.
I hadn’t had a heart attack so the diagnosis was that I had Vertigo, cause unknown.
I was sent home around 7:00.
Patti went to get a prescription for a Dramamine like medicine. She also stopped at Lepe’s for a couple of taco’s for our dinner.

Around 8:00 my daughters Gabriella and Felice came by to see how I was doing.
We had a nice visit and the girls left around 9:45.

♪ What a long ♫ strange trip its been.♫

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