Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ready for another adventure. 04-07-15


Patti and I are leaving tomorrow.
She is going to visit her daughter Becki in Redmond, OR and I am going to the cabin until a day or so before she comes home.

I have the jeep pretty much loaded with food, cloths, tools and supplies for my time in the woods.


Tomorrow I will take Patti to the air-porter stop and put her on the bus to SFO so she can catch a plane to Redmond. Then I will top off the gas, drive to Windsor to pick up the water heater for the shower and be on my way to the cabin.

I didn’t pull up the apple tree today.


Jim, who does our lawns and other yard work was going to help me pull up the apple tree today.

But what  with the rain and other commitments he wasn’t able make it so I didn’t pull up the apple tree today.

We were going to document the tree removal for everyone’s approval but I didn’t pull up the apple tree today.

In the morning I went to cut its one remaining branch off.
I tried it with my little cordless chain saw.

I cut some small ones


and then a couple larger ones


but by then the saw wouldn’t cut at all.

I had to finish the procedure with my trusty Husqvarna, I left some of the tree for leverage.


When I was done with the cutting, I wrapped a chain around the stump just below that interesting burl.
Now I’m all set to pull up the apple tree today.

It was around two in the afternoon, between rain squalls, when a knock came on my front door.
When I went to answer, his hat in his hand, stood Jim at my front door.
He said “I’m awfully sorry, it could not be helped”
But I can’t help you pull up the apple tree today.
Jim said that tomorrow would be okay.

I replied “that’s okay Jim but you see I‘m going away Jim and won’t be here to help you on the morrow

Jim said “that’s okay, you go ahead and play, I’ll just pull up the apple tree my self tomorrow”. 

Okay that’s it for now. For the next three weeks you will no doubt notice a lessening of the quality of the photos and prose in this blog since my photographer and editor Patti,  will not be with me this time.

I will try to do a post whenever I go to Ukiah for supplies and to do laundry;
about every five or six days

Talk to you later.

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