Sunday, April 5, 2015

A ride to the cabin and a visit with Bob. 04-05-15


On Friday Patti and I took a ride to Boonville.

I wanted to take the barrels for the spring, the bedding for the cabin, the batteries for the fridge and some tools up to the cabin. I had everything in the van and around 9:30 after getting gas we headed up 101.


When we got to Cloverdale we left the freeway


and headed west on Hwy. 128 toward Boonville.


It is always a nice ride to Boonville; there are lots of vineyards and green hills.


There was a little road work being done but it wasn’t to bad.


There are several old barns along the way.


We stopped at the Boonville market to get a couple sandwiches for lunch.


We left Boonville and got onto the road that goes into the hills where the cabin is.


When we got to the gate we found that the combination had been changed.
As it turned out we didn’t have the owners phone number with us so we had to call Joanne to get it. We called Peter and got the new combo. We were in!!


While we were at the gate one of our new neighbors came up the road so we stood around and shot the breeze with them for a while.

Once we were at the cabin we unloaded the van and had lunch. The starter or the battery is giving us trouble on the van so after we unloaded it I backed it up the hill alongside the cabin so it could get a rolling start if the starter didn’t work. As it turned out the starter worked when we were leaving.


Some of the bulbs that Patti planted last year have bloomed; unfortunately we missed most of the blooms


but there are still a few.


There were several blossoms on the cheery tree.


After lunch we took a walk up to check out the spring that I will be working on later in the week.
The wild Iris’s are just starting to bloom along the trail.


When we got to the spring we noticed that there is a good amount of water coming out of the overflow.


Back at the cabin; I set the cow scull that I found in the desert up on the big stump.


On the way home we stopped at Joanne and Dave’s for dinner. When we went to leave I had to jump start the van. Fortunately I had parked in Dave’s driveway and it has a good slope to it so I just rolled back a little and popped the clutch and the van started up.

Visit with Bob.

Yesterday I went to Guerneville for a visit with Bob. We sat in his yard  BS’ing for a while. We made plans for him to come up to the cabin next week. I am going to take a kayak with me and we are planning to do some Kayaking on the Noyo River one of the days he is there.

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