Friday, April 10, 2015

First day’s at the cabin. 04-08-15


Patti and I spent the morning putting the last minute items in the jeep and checking that Patti had everything she needed in her backpack. We spent the last hour just killing time until we could leave for Patti to catch Air-Porter bus.

After seeing Patti off on the Air-Porter; I went to the gas station to top off the tank in Clifford then I drove through town and got onto 101 heading north. I made a stop in Windsor to get the water heater from Dave. We shot the breeze for a while and then I got back the highway.

It was another beautiful drive on Hwy.128.

I was driving so I couldn’t take any pictures but here is one from the archive.


I stopped at the Boonville General store for a couple of last minute purchases and continued the drive through the valley. I arrived at the cabin around 1:30 and to my surprise Bob was already there.

We didn’t do any work today except for moving some firewood and doing some cleaning of the cabin and installing the shower in the bath house.

Bob made one of his awesome stir-fried vegetable and chicken dinners. It is always a treat when Bob comes up because he can’t eat any of my food due to his corn sensitivity.
Therefor, he cooks what he can eat for both of us and it is always very good.


After dinner we sat around and BS’ed for a while, until I was falling asleep in my chair and we went to our beds.


It was pretty cold last night but it is a beautiful morning.


  Bob is still asleep in his van.


Bob got up around 9:00 and we sat around for a while drinking coffee. Eventually we decided to take a walk and check out the trail we started last year.

We got in the jeep and drove up the road to the bear spring.


We walked around the area a little then got back in the jeep and drove down the hill to the trail head.
I parked the jeep and off we went down the trail.


We walked all the way to the end of my trail and followed the old lagging road for an other couple hundred yards. Here the logging road splits up on the hill above the cabin. We are looking for an easy way to get down to the cabin from here but it is all very steep so that may take some doing. We split up here; Bob wanting to continue around the bole to see if hi could make it back to the Homestead road and I headed back to get the jeep.

I took my time walking back on the trail looking at a couple of spots where I need to take some of the hill out of the trail. I eventually got back to the jeep and drove down the hill to the cabin.

It took Bob a while to get back to the cabin; about a half hour after I did.

He said he couldn’t find a good way to get to the bench on the Homestead road. We will just have to keep walking around the hill side until we find a good rout.

After some lunch and a break we took a ride over to our neighbors place to say hi, return the key he lent me last time and get a little more acquainted.


Jerred is a energetic young man with lots of plans for his place. In the year that he has been there, he has built a couple of buildings and is working on putting in a olive grove.
There are a couple of springs on his mountain and he has put in a 150 ft. well so he has good water. The property is on a high hill and fairly open so he has solar power and the possibility for wind power. All in all he seams excited to be living here and isn’t afraid of hard work.

We left Jerrid to his work and headed back to the cabin and another great stir-fry dinner.


Full belly, warm fire, oops! Fell asleep in my chair again…

I am at the McDonald’s in Fort Brag CA. Bob and I are posting our blogs before going kayaking on the Nnoyo River.

You can read about that in a few days when I get another chance to post my blog.

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