Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some RV work and a day trip to the cabin 09-11-14


Monday 09-08-14

We didn’t do much today.
I worked on the blog until around noon and then finished unloading the van.

Tuesday 09-09-14

We got up early and around 8:30 we drove the RV up to Windsor so the mechanic could work on the AC.
From there we drove up to the Lytton Springs Salvation Army store and bought two more office chairs.

When we got home we had a message on our phone that the RV was finished so we got back in the car and drove back to Windsor to picked up the RV. From there we drove to the RV storage place at the south end of Santa Rosa. On the way home from the RV storage we stopped at Costco for lunch and some shopping.

Wednesday 09-10-14

We decided that we needed to take the new chairs up to the cabin.
We are going to meet Kathi and Bob up  there on Monday and we will be there until Saturday.
With the chairs in the car there won’t be room for the other stuff we have to take up so we decided to take the chairs up there today. That way I can also hook the water system up so we will have showers next week.

On the way up 101 we saw a hot air balloon rising above the freeway.


We got to the cabin around 11:00, unloaded the new chairs and set them up in the cabin.


After that I drove up to the new spring tank, turned off the outflow valve and came back to the camp where I proceeded to cut the pipe. I replace the elbow with a tee, connected a valve and then connected the pipe. I used some Rector Seal on the connections so they shouldn’t leak.


After connecting the tee I turned on the faucet in the sink at the dining hall then drove back up the road to the tank and opened the valve.

When I got back, water was sputtering from the faucet but eventually settled down to a steady flow.


I turned that one off and went to the faucet in the middle of camp and turned it on.


The next thing to check was the shower so I went down to the bath house and tried it. The shower worked perfectly. Lots of flow and hot water.

The weather was getting very hot so we secured everything, loaded the big chair in the back of Patti’s car and headed for home.

It’s always nice to go to the cabin even if it is only for a few hours.

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