Sunday, September 21, 2014

At The Cabin with Kathi and Bob


We got up early, had breakfast, loaded the last minute stuff in Patti’s car.
I had a doctors appointment so we went to the doctors for my annual physical.
After the doctors appointment we headed for Boonville.
We got to the cabin around 11:30. and got moved in.
Kathi and bob arrived around 1:30. We got them set up


and spent the rest of the day sitting in the shade visiting.


We cooked burgers and dogs for dinner. After dinner we played cards until bed time.


I got up around 7:15 and took a shower. Yes, the shower is now working and it is sure nice to have. .

After breakfast I took a walk up to the spring tank to check it out. Everything looks to be working fine.

Sat around Kathi and Bob’s van visiting for a while.


Later we took a ride down to the grove.
The creek is pretty low but is still running.


When we got to the grove we walked down to the swimming hole and were surprised to find a large fir tree on the cliff above the swimming hole had broken off


and fallen into one end of the swimming hole.


The tree spanned the swimming hole, crushed the trees that we normally sit under for shade.


The tip of the tree  reached to the base of  one of the large redwoods on the creek side of the grove.


We walked around the grove paying our respect to the giant trees there.


Back at the cabin we had had ribs for dinner.

We played cards until bed time.


Around noon we took Kathi and Bob down the hill to Boonville to do some tourist stuff. After checking out some shops and a couple yuppie cafes


we went to the gas station for burgers,

In the evening we had a movie night in the dining hall.


Bob had a 22 inch flat screen TV that he ran off of a jump start battery and an inverter. We watched one of our favorite movies
“Second Hand Lions” It’s always good.

It started raining lightly around 7:00; we were glad to see some moisture.


Woke up to rain.
It rained off and on all day.


Spent the day in the cabin visiting and playing cards.



Got up around the normal time, took a shower, had breakfast.
We hung around the cabin while Bob started packing up their van.

We saw a bunch of bugs flying around by the dining hall; it turned out to be a termite colony hatching from a small hole in the ground.


Around 1:30 I took Bob up to the Bear spring and showed him the spring tank.

From there we drove down to the shooting range where we shot at clay pigeons for a while. We shot up about a box and a half of shells. Since I was either running the thrower or shooting I didn’t get any pictures.

Spent the rest of the day visiting.
We had picante chicken for dinner.


I got up around 7:30 showered, and had breakfast.

Kathi and Bob left to continue their trip about 11:00.

Patti and I hung around the cabin until around 3:00 when we left for home.

It was a very nice visit with Kathi and Bob.

And of course it is always good to be
“At The Cabin.”

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