Sunday, September 14, 2014

Clifford goes to the paint shop and we shop for a trip to the cabin 09-11 to 14-2014


I spent most of Thursday cleaning out the jeep and removing stuff that is not going to be painted. Around 4:00 in the afternoon we took Clifford over to Mike’s place so he and Matt can start painting it.
We spent a lot of time picking out the “best” camo pattern.  
When they are finished with him, Clifford will no longer be “Clifford The Big Red Jeep”. Hence forth he will be known as “Camo Clifford” or maybe “Sgt. Clifford” or “Rambo” or “Gunny” or something macho like that. :o)


I installed a grease fitting in the tire carrier pivot. That only took a short time. I just had to drill a hole and tap it for the fitting. Once I figured out the pitch of the thread on the fitting the rest was simple.


Later in the day, I took a ten gallon propane tank to get the “O” ring in the valve replaced. I had to leave the tank at the propane place.
I won’t be able to pick it up for a week since we are going to the cabin on Monday morning and won’t be back until the following Saturday.

Patti went to the Santa Rosa HS football game. She left at the end of third quarter as SR was loosing badly. They made a bit of a comeback in the fourth quarter but it wasn’t enough and they lost 32 to 18.
The loss of their star quarterback
(grandpa’s opinion) to injuries in the first game of season has  definitely hurt the team.


We spent the day shopping for stuff for next week at the cabin with Kathi and Bob.
We had to go to four stores to get just basic stuff.
You would think that as large as the stores are and as much crap as they have on their shelves that you could get your shopping done at one place.
Sometimes I think Patti and I just have different tastes than the rest of the country.
For example we were looking for some “Garlic Dill Pickle Slices” but after the fourth store we settled for kosher dills instead.
And then there ‘s black licorice.
You would think that would be easy; think again. After the fourth store we gave up on that one for today. Maybe tomorrow we will find a store with some “good” black licorice. I am not talking about “Twizzlers” I am talking about “good black licorice”.  
I have noticed that the larger grocery stores appear to stock just one brand name and their house brand of whatever and they all carry the same name brands.
Have you noticed this?


We went to G&G today where we found some good black licorice but no garlic dill pickles.

We will start putting stuff for the trip to the cabin in Patti’s car later, when the day cools off. There really isn’t that much to take; most of the bedding is already there except for the sheets. All the cooking and eating utensils are there. All we need to take is sheets, food, clothing, personal items and toys: guns, books, tools, etc.

Today will be the last time I’ll have to go to Burger King to post a blog, I hope.

We will be at the cabin until next Saturday 09-20.
When we get back we will have internet service at home again.

I’ll talk to you Sunday.  

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