Saturday, September 3, 2011


I arrived at the cabin around 11:30. Got moved in and was just finishing lunch when Bob showed up.

We visited for a while and then headed down to the creek for a load of rock for the septic system. We lined the bottom with some of the stones so that the barrels won’t be setting right on the dirt.


After that it was time to poke holes in the barrels so I pulled out my trusty “.45 cal. Red Neck Hole Punch” and started punching holes.

As you can see in the following video, I started rather slowly, Standing off a ways and shooting at the drums. I had the two barrels lined up so I could try to make four holes with each shot but the bullets would only penetrate one barrel and dent the next one. I was a little concerned with ricochets.

Finally, I got warmed up and just walked around the drums blasting holes in them as I did so.


I got about two holes for every shot (in and out) I fired about 100 rounds so I figure that I put about 100 holes in each barrel.


These barrels will go in the hole to form a space for the sump.

Tuesday morning, we started plumbing the plastic digester barrel and set it in the hole.


Then the metal barrels went in.


About the time we got the barrels in the hole Dave and Sonny showed up. They were just in time join the bucket brigade and  throw rocks in the hole.


After we used up the first load of rocks we decided that Dave and Sonny would install the toilette flange


and get things ready for the toilet.


Bob and I went down to the creek for another small load of rocks


and filled in around the barrels in the hole.


Wednesday morning Bob, Dave and I drove over to the coast to Kayak the Navaro River. It was a pleasant day and we had a good time paddling on the river for about three hours.



We found a nice gravely beach to have lunch on.


Everything was going great until we were getting off the river. As I was getting out of the boat


I slipped and went about chest deep into the river.


Unfortunately our wonderful little Cannon Power-shot camera was hung around my neck and was drowned. The chip with all the pictures I had taken was not harmed though and I was able to down load them.

From there Bob headed up the coast to find some more places to Kayak. Dave and I headed back to the cabin. We stopped at a hardware store and picked up some pipe and parts to finish the toilet job.

Sonny spent the day just puttering around the camp. He made a work table for his camp and just enjoyed the day.

Thursday, I put some tar paper over the hole to keep dirt from filling in between the rocks while we worked. We connected the waste line to the Digester tank


Dave hooked up the water supply for the toilet.


Then we cut and laid the linoleum on the floor


Then installed the toilet.


Dave and Sonny took off around 4:00 and I spent the rest of the day resting.

Friday morning, I began back filling the hole. I spread a couple layers of tar paper over the hole, then I laid in some metal and plastic roofing to add support, then I shoveled in the dirt. Un- fortunately I didn’t have a camera now so I don’t have a picture of the finished project. I’ll get some for you next week.

I left the cabin for Santa Rosa around 1:30.

Patti and I went to Costco and bought a new camera. We got a pretty good deal on a Fuji SLR digital camera. It looks like a good one but is some what larger than our little Cannon.

Patti and I are going up to the cabin today. She will stay until Tuesday. I will stay up there until Friday when I will come home to  go to Harvey’s game if he plays. Harvey sprained his ankle in practice and is on crutches, could not play in his first game yesterday. But the end results was Harv’s JV team won 24 to 6; go Panthers!! 

Okay, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll try and send you another post next Saturday.

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