Monday, September 26, 2011


We got to the ranch around 11:30 on Wednesday.

We moved into the cabin and had lunch. After lunch I set up the big two burner cooker at the dining hall. Then I made another sconce for the cabin. The weather was very hot but we didn’t go to the creek this time. 

Thursday and Friday;

I worked on trimming the bathroom. I couldn’t find any wiggle molding that would fit the profile of the PVC roofing that I used in the shower. First I tried cutting the lumps off of the original wiggle molding and sticking that to a piece of cedar strip.


That didn’t work so I decided to make my own wiggle molding. I found a piece of corrugated plastic roofing to use for a pattern, scribed the pattern on a 2X4 and cut it out with a jig saw.


Its not perfect but it fits better than everything else I tried.


I had some cedar closet liner left over from another project so I cut it into strips


and used it for bats on the wall behind the toilet.


I also lined a couple of shelves with the cedar and used a piece of cedar for the threshold. The cedar looks and smells good.

I made a toilet paper dispenser out of a scrap sheet of beryllium copper, some screw hooks, a bent piece of 1/4” copper wire. and a short piece of dowel. 


Matt and Mike came up around 6:00. Joanne and Dave showed up around 8:30.


Joanne spent most of her time Saturday cleaning the dining hall. She climbed into the rafters and cleaned her way down to the floor.


Dave worked around his camp making a box for his cooler.


Matt worked on his camp and installed a wood stove in his tent.



Mike set up his tent in Matt’s old camp spot.


Later the guys did a bunch of weed eating. They cleaned up the area around their camps


and then went down to the old home site and cleared a big area for parking and cleaned up where we shoot clays. They did a really great job.

Patti and I removed the canvas from the front gable of the cabin and replaced it with the plastic that we had removed from the original front window. The job started with ripping several strips from the good edge of a scrap piece of 1x4.


This will be the trim for the gable.

The next thing we had to do was remove the old canvas.


then I built a frame.


We measured everything and went over to to the dining hall/shop, to cut out the plastic then we stapled the plastic film to the frame.


We installed the trim over the staples with a brad nailer and a generous number of brads.

The end result is great! Looks kind of like an “Ichler designed home”.


Later in the day I made two new sconces for the cabin. I had intended to make only one but I broke the one that I was using for a pattern and had to replace it. I think I finally have enough sconces.

The cabin looks nice all lit up at night



Sunday morning I finished installing the vent for the toilet.

Patti and I extended the drain from the cabin sink and buried the end.

We left to come home around 4:30

I will be going back up on Wednesday and will stay until Monday.

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