Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Now that everyone has left, things are really, really boring.
Roy and Suzanne left last Thursday (04-22). Wednesday evening we went to Silly Al's for a send off dinner for them. Debby and Mike were there also.

The weather has been cold and windy for about three days then hot as the hubs of Hades for a fortnight. By Wednesday it is supposed to cool off again with high winds. Just in time for us to get on the road for Utah.

We have reservations at the Moab Rim RV park for May nineth. So we will take our time getting there. Our plan is to go via the Prescott National forest up to the Flagstaff area. Maybe we will go up to the forest around the Grand Canyon. There are a lot of back roads in that area to play on. I am looking forward to jeeping around in the forest. After all the desert running we have been doing it will be a nice change and hopefully the temperature will be some cooler.

The Dove babies have grown amazingly in the last week.

They are able to fly now and leave the nest for long periods. Even so they are still being fed by their mother.

On Saturday (04-24) we went to Yuma.
While we were there, we went to visit with Patti's sister, Dianne and Brother-in-law, Wayne. They have recently purchased a camper van, so now they can escape the hottest part of Arizona's summer.

Today, Patti is going with some folks from the park, to The Blue Water Casino up in Parker.

While they are there Patti is going to call Wal-mart to see if our prescriptions are ready. If they are ready, we will be out of here by Thursday or Friday at the latest.
I will be happy to be back on the road.

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