Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Dove update:
We have babies!

It is the time of leavings.
People have been heading north in droves.
Becky and Dennis left for Northern California on Monday.
We went out to dinner with them Sunday evening.

Left to right;

Patti, me, Suzanne, Roy, Becky, Dennis, Glenn and Sharon.

It is really strange looking over at their spot with them gone.

Monday evening there was a campfire gathering and hot dog roast at the fire pit in the park. We had supper at home but went there to socialize. I was surprised how many people were there as the Park is getting pretty empty.

Suzanne and Roy are leaving for Alberta Thursday morning so yesterday we took one last ride with them.
We went west of town to the south side of the Dome Rock area.

It was an interesting drive over steep rocky hills,

and through twisting gully crossings.

We passed what looked like an old powder safe.

There are several places scattered around the desert where people have decorated old cabins or camps with signs, tools, chairs etc.
Eventually we came to such a place. Some people call it "Bed Spring Flat" or Deere Run B&B.
Along the trail, I noticed some hand made signs that read "Deere Run Resort", and was curious as to what that was.

There was even a putting green.

and a cemetery.

We continued on over a steep pass.

and into the next valley, where there were many trails going in all directions most of them were dead ends however.

There was very little shade out here so we had to trim another Palo Verde tree to have enough shade for lunch.

After lunch we drove around for another hour.
Patti got some more flower pictures.

We got back to the RV park around 2:30.
Patti took some more flower pictures at the park

Suzanne's cactus.

Cactus at the office.

and her favorite subject.


In the evening Patti got this picture of storm clouds.

The storm never materialized but the winds to day are very strong.
A couple of nights ago she got this picture of a desert toad.

When we were out in the desert we saw the largest Lizard I have ever seen. It was at least 12 to 14 inches long and had a girth of at least 3 inches. Unfortunately he was too fast to get a picture of.

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