Thursday, October 12, 2017

Santa Rosa Fire Update

Still Safe.

We woke this morning to thick smoke hanging over the neighborhood.


We had  made it through the night without having to evacuate.

Doctors Visits.

Patti and I had early doctors appointments this morning.
By the time we were done with that, a breeze had come up and most of the smoke was blowing south.


Fires Still Burning.

The fires are still burning but the fire fighters managed to keep them from advancing much overnight despite some windy conditions.

The fire to the north of us, which so far has been the most destructive, is fairly far away so I’m not to worried about that one getting us.

There is a smaller fire to the south and east of us that is much closer.
Today, we can see the smoke rising from back fires that the fire fighters started.
We are still far enough away that we should be safe as long as the winds don’t get too strong or blow the wrong way.
There are forecasts for high winds tomorrow afternoon.
At this moment, as I look out my window the wind is calm.
I hope it stays that way.

I guess we will find out tomorrow.

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