Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Ramsy Mine Trail

Boring Days.

The last few days have been a bit boring . We didn't do much of anything Saturday or Sunday.

We didn't take a ride on Monday because we are waiting for Jo Ann's nephew to arrive .Also Denis figured he would be to hung over from all the Super Bowl excitement on Sunday so we decided to go on a ride Tuesday. 
Patti did laundry and I cleaned house.
As it turned out Jo Ann's nephew had problems with their motor home some where in Texas and as of this morning haven't made it here yet.


We met up at the ARCO station around 9:30 and headed east on I-10 and turned off at the highway 60 turn off. We continued east on Highway 60 and turned south on Ramsey Mine Road.

Just off the highway we stopped to air down.

Once we aired down we continued out Ramsey Mine road and stopped at the Ramsey Mine.

We wandered around the mine area for a while then headed over the hill to continue our ride.
I'll bet that these Chollas gave Jo Ann and Dave the chills.

We drove along through the hills enjoying the desert scenery and this big multi armed Saguaro.

We drove along for a few miles over rocky roads and through several gullies until we had passed these twin peaks.

After passing this land mark we turned right and followed a wash until we came to a steep rough trail going up the cliff on the left side of the wash.
We drove up the trail to a high valley.

Here there is some old mining equipment.

From here we continued up another steep rugged trail to a place where there is an outcrop of Crisocola.

We hung out here for a while taking pictures.

From here we drove back down into the high valley by another trail.

We found a spot with a little shade in the valley to have lunch.

After lunch we headed back down to the wash and started our return trip.

Eventually we got back to highway 60 where we stopped to air up the tires.

From here we headed for home and got home at 3:00. At 4:30 Patti went to see Debbie to get a hair cut.

We went to The Grubstake for Calamari. The place is almost back to normal and the menu is better than last time.

Okay that was the first three days of this week. Tomorrow we are going to the Big Eye Mine.

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