Monday, February 9, 2015

Slow weekend 02-09-15


We didn’t do a lot over the weekend.

When I was pumping up the tires after the last trip the air pump stopped working.
On Saturday I took the pump apart and found that the fuse holder had melted. I decided to just eliminate the fuse altogether so I wired around it. Unless the motor short’s out, the fuse isn’t necessary anyway.

The jeep has been having a problem with the vapor recovery system. When we are on bumpy roads gasoline gets into the system and leaks out of the top of the pipe that is in the right wheel well. This has been happening for a while, I finally figured out that there are two valves on the top of the fuel tank that are supposed to keep raw fuel from getting into the system. I believe that one or both if these valves are not working. In order to replace the valves, the tank has to be removed. Since I don’t want to remove the tank at this time; I decided to just plug off the tube going up into the wheel well. I tried using a
3/8” bolt for a plug but the bolt was too long and I didn’t have a way to hold the bolt so I could cut the threads off. I pushed the bolt into the tube as far as I could; it went in just past the threads I clamped it tight but it still leaked. Saturday I found a 3/8” nail that I was able to clamp to the bumper tight enough so that I was able to cut the head and about an inch of the shaft off it. I stuffed this in the tube and clamped it tightly. I also drilled a small hole in the gas cap so it would vent. I won’t know if this works until I take the jeep for a ride in the bush.

One of the knobs on our shower has broken and I have been nursing it along for a while now. Sunday I went to Ace hardware to get some new knobs. I purchased two and brought them home to try them. Unfortunately they didn’t fit. I will try again tomorrow.

We went with Jo Ann and Dave to the Outback Steakhouse in Chandler for dinner last night. We had a $20.00 discount card that would expire on the 10th of this month so we had to use it.
Oh darn! Smile 
Patti had her standard fillet mignon . Jo Ann had the rib eye. Dave and I each ordered the rack of lamb. Jo Ann, Patti and I had  the wedge salad  and we all shared a blooming onion.
We all agreed that the meal was top notch and we were all stuffed.

Suzanne, Roy, Denis and Sue and Denis and Sue’s daughter, Michelle, are going for a ride over Montana Mountain today.
Since we already took that ride last week I decided that I would rather try going some where new. That way I will have something different to put on the blog.

Dave tweaked his knee and is going to the doctor today so Patti and I will have to go for a ride alone. 

Okay that’s all for now.
I’ll let you know how today’s ride turns out in the next blog post.   

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