Saturday, February 14, 2015

A couple days off and an update. 02-14-15



Patti, Jo Ann and Dave went to Casa Grande to shop at Kohl’s and then they went to Maricopa to the Ak-Chin Casino.

While they were gone I went to Walmart to get a couple Thumb Drives. On the way back to the park I stopped at Ace Hardware and bought new knobs for the shower. It took me three times to get the right ones but as they say “the third time is a charm”.

Later in the day I tried to get my computer to talk to the new wireless printer. No luck so far.

Here is an update on the gas leak in the jeep.
If you remember I replaced the bolt that I was using to plug the vapor recovery tubing with a piece of a 3/8” spike. Afterwards we took a ride and still had a strong gas smell.
I checked the plug and it was not leaking and I could not find a leak anywhere in the system.
Before we took another ride I removed the extra gas container that mounts on the back of the jeep. The strong gas smell went away. We have taken a couple of rides since then and we occasionally get a whiff of gas but I think that may be from the vent hole I drilled in the gas cap. I have checked a couple times but can’t find any raw gas leaking anywhere.
I’ll have to see what I can do about the smelly gas can.


Patti is going to do laundry today so I will do some clean up around the RV.

I will continue to try to get the computer to talk to the printer.

Around 6:00 we are going to Suzanne and Roy’s to play cards.

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