Friday, May 25, 2012


Ok, it’s time for an update.

On Wednesday May 16th I took the first interferon injection. I did it around 6:00am and later did some work in the back yard. Around 1:00 in the afternoon I came down with chills and upset stomach. It was down hill from there, with about 24 hours of flu like symptoms.

Thursday afternoon I headed up to the cabin. Dave came up Friday morning and Bob arrived Saturday afternoon. Bob brought some steaks and shrimps for the barbi.

IC May 2012 013

I am not operating at 100% so we didn’t do much work. I did however get some mowing done.


Dave put up his wall tent while he was there.


While he was straightening up his wood pile he came across several large scorpions. They are very common in our forest.

IC May 2012 015

Dave and Bob left on Sunday. Dave went home and Bob went up the coast to do some kayaking. Bob stopped back at the cabin Monday evening.

I came home from the cabin on Tuesday.
I talked with a friend of Bobs who may be interested in doing the engine swap on the jeep.

Wednesday I took my second shot of interferon. This time I thought that I would wait until later in the day so that hopefully I could get most of the reaction in the evening so I could sleep it off. As it turned out I wasn’t sick at all on Wednesday. Thursday morning I woke up with an upset stomach and felt like crap for the rest of the day.

Today isn’t bad I feel just a little week and tired.

The biggest problem I have is that my hemorrhoids are flaring up. I guess it is a reaction to all the drugs.

This afternoon Patti and I are heading up to cabin for the Memorial Day weekend. Dave and Joanne are also coming up this evening.

Ok, that’s all for now.

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