Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Okay, I guess its time for me to post something. I know it has been a long time but there really isn’t much going on.

Patti went to the River Rock casino but didn’t make any money.

Patti also had jury duty but the case was settled out of court. She’s good for at least a year.

I have been working in the back yard getting it all cleaned up after the winter. Harvey helped me one day last week. He pulled out a lot of stuff that had become over grown. The peach tree looks real bad. When we got home the whole thing was covered with “curly leaf”. The leaves are coming back slowly and there are a few small peaches on the tree so I am hopeful that we will get at least one Peach cobbler this season.

I started the treatment for my Hep C, this morning. The therapy consists of two oral drugs taken daily, ribavirin and telaprevir and one self injected drug peginterferon once-a-week. The treatment lasts six months. After what the insurance pays, the cost to me is about $3400 per month. The actual cost of the teleprevir alone is around $49000 for a three month course. I’m glad I have insurance, 
there is no way I could afford to do this without it.

I was planning to do some upgrades on Clifford the big red Jeep. There are some things that I can build myself that won’t cost much. 
The major stuff will have to be put on hold for a while except for the engine. I will have to do something about that.
I talked to a guy the other day that is pulling an engine, transmission and transfer case out of a 1994 Wrangler but I am not sure if I want to go through all the trouble to take an old engine out and put another old engine back in. Although if I can get the whole works cheap enough, it might be good to have an extra transmission and transfer case and other parts. 
I am leaning toward buying a rebuilt engine and swapping it myself.

Tomorrow I am planning to go to the cabin. I am waiting to see if I notice any side effects from the medicines before I take off for the mountains.

Well, all right then. I guess that about does it for now.
Maybe I’ll put some pictures from the cabin in the next post.

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