Sunday, March 25, 2012


Things have been rather slow of late. Many of our friends have gone north. Suzanne and Roy left a few weeks ago. Junior, Missy, Shirley and Bill left yesterday. Becky, Dennis, Jo Ann and Dave are still here but Jo Ann and Dave will be leaving on Thursday. Becky and Dennis will leave when the weather up north warms sufficiently for their vineyard to need their attention. This time of year, the end of the season, when our friends depart is very sad.

On a lighter note, the Red Spotted Toads are returning to the pond


and have been serenading us for the last few evenings. We have only seen one but I am sure that more will answer its call soon.

On Friday Patti felt the urge to visit the Blue Water Casino so she took the jeep and drove to Parker to try her luck. She returned in the late afternoon with considerable winnings. Last evening she treated me to a Prime Rib supper at the Mountain Quail. Jo Ann, Dave, Debbie and Mike joined us.

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