Thursday, March 8, 2012


The Wednesday jeep ride was very interesting.

There were eight jeeps in the group. Junior and Missy were there, Patti sat in the back seat of Jo Ann and Dave’s jeep. Bob road with me. Dennis in his white jeep was the leader and Gene and his wife in their yellow Rubicon was with us. I don’t know the names of all the others.

The first destination was a dock spire called the Eye Of The Needle.

We drove north to Parker and took 95 toward Lake Havasu City. Just past the bridge over the Bill Williams River we turned onto a trail heading east into the hills. After winding around and climbing for a while we came to the rock.



Missy's eye of the needle

No, we are not at the ocean. The eye is a very interesting piece of rock to find at the top of a desert mountain. It looks like it belongs along the coast.



The bucket in the lower left corner of the picture below is a geo-cash.


The ladder allows you to crawl through the eye


to the other side of the rock.



After taking lots of pictures we finally left the eye


and headed for our next destination “The Cave”

We headed back to the highway, turned south and crossed over Parker Dam.


We went south for a short distance and turned right onto the road that goes along the west side of the lake. A few miles later we turned onto a dirt road going northwest. Patti got a picture of a burro along the way.


We traveled through a real interesting canyon.


At the end of the canyon we came to the cave. When we arrived there, there was a crowd of jeeps.


They were there to watch some jeepers try to drive their jeep up the rock into the cave.


There were so many people there that we decided to go back into the canyon and find a spot to have lunch and wait for the crowd to go away.



While we were eating Patti got a picture of a stone Condor watching us.


After lunch we took a gnarly trail


to a view point overlooking Lake Havasu.


While we were there we saw two more Burros.


From there we went back to the cave and had it to our selves.

Gene was the first to attempt the climb in his Rubicon.


And made it with little difficulty.


Next it was Junior’s turn. Now, bear in mind Juniors jeep does not have any lockers so we weren’t sure if he could do it.

I was sitting in at the back of the cave and got this video of his second try.

Of course Dennis made it up the wall in his modified jeep with no problem.


I didn’t try it.

After the cave we headed for home.

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