Thursday, March 22, 2012


On Tuesday we had a small pot luck at Becky and Dennis’s as a send off for everyone who is leaving in the next couple of weeks. We had some good food and lots of laughs.




On Wednesday we went on a ride with the Wednesday Jeepers. Junior was leading. We drove to the town of Salome where we turned north on Indian Springs Road. We followed Indian Springs Road to where it turns west. We continued north on a smaller trail toward the Sheba Mine.


This mine is the only one that we know of in the area that has Stalactites. We found it accidently earlier this winter but the Wednesday Jeepers had never seen it. Eventually we got to the mine



and some of us went into it to get some pictures.



From the Sheba Mine we went over Cottonwood Pass. Cottonwood Pass is interesting in that it is very narrow, rocky


and the sides are built up with rock.


On the other side of Cottonwood Pass we stopped for lunch.


After lunch we drove through the desert and went over Tank Pass on a narrow rocky trail. There is one rough spot near the top of the pass.


After we got over Tank Pass we headed back to Salome. From there I lead the group to the King Tut Mine. We took Harquahala Road heading southwest. In a couple of miles we turned east into a mining area where after wandering around for a while, we climbed the rough trail to the King Tut mine.


None of the others had been there before so several of us entered the mine to take pictures of the many bats within.






After leaving the King Tut Mine we stopped at the Kofa Cafe on Vicksburg Road for the all you can eat spaghetti special. All I could eat was one plate full. When we left Dennis (with the white jeep) was starting his forth plate of spaghetti.

Even though we had been over this route before it was still a good ride.

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