Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yesterday we went to get some new shoes for me that would fit with the new brace. I ended up getting size 14 extra wide. We had to take the insole out of the left one, the one with the brace, and put three insoles in the right one.


I will have to go to Petaluma tomorrow to get some final adjustments made.


Ok, here is another page of, The Kings Cudgel.

“You! You are the Kings Cudgel!” Jack blurts out without thinking.
“Yes, they called me that once,” Quintar replies wiping his hands on his filthy apron.
Hoping to change the subject he becomes very businesslike.
“Now then my lad, lodging’ll cost you 1 silver chip for the night. That’ll include two meals one evening and one morning” Quintar goes on. “A bath’ll be another copper, two if you want hot water and soap, three coppers if you want Blossom over there to scrub your back. He nods his head toward the fire by the end wall and some how actually winks a squinty eye at Jack.
Jack looks toward the fire and is caught looking by Blossom who smiles coyly, looks away and giggles.
“Just a room and the meals thank you” Jack mumbles.
“As you will. That will be one silver chip then” Quintar holds out his pudgy hand and Jack drops a small flat triangle of silver the size of a thumb nail into his palm.
Quintar inspects the coin then puts it between his teeth and bites down on it.
“Right, then,” he growls. “Foods not ready yet so I’ll have my other daughter show you to your room. “Grenzelat!!” he yells over his shoulder. After a moment with no response he grumbles, “Where is that worthless slattern! Grenzelat! Get your scabby bum out here!”

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