Saturday, November 19, 2011


We are still in the process of getting ready to leave on Monday for Quartzsite.

Here is another page from the cudgel for you.

“I’m coming father” a lyrical voice comes from an archway in the wall to the left of the bar.
A young girl appears in the arch. She is tall and slender with long blond curls cascading down her back to her small waste. Her eyes are dark and flash with an inner fire. She smiles at Jack and his knees go weak. She has a wide mouth with ample red lips and even white teeth. Her smile causes dimples on either side of her mouth. She is wearing the standard off the shoulder white cotton blouse of girls of her station. She wears it a little lower than normal exhibiting the rise of her firm young breasts to great advantage. Her blue cotton skirt is full and reaches nearly to the floor. When she walks she exposes her small feet covered with light goat skin slippers.
“What do you want Father?” She asks sweetly, wiping her palms on a stained apron tied around her waist. “Show this young fellow to his room and no funny business now. Do you understand?”
“Yes father, as you say.” The girl replies, curtsies to Jack and indicating the doorway with a delicate hand “Right this way young Sir,” she croons and disappears through the doorway.
Jack follows in a trance.

The girl takes a torch down from its hole in a post and holding it ahead of her, beaconing Jack to follow, she starts down a dark hall. As Jack stumbles along in the gloomy shadows behind the girl, he wonders at this beauty he was following . Could she really be the daughter of the Kings Cudgel and sister to Blossom of all things? It seems unlikely.

“I wonder what her mother is like” he thinks. “Look at the mother and see the daughter was the old saw.”
Then another thought comes into his head “Who were those retched children turning the spits? “Were they Blossom’s or Grenzelat’s or even Quintar’s children.
Grenzelat’s melodic voice breaks into his thoughts. “Upper or lower? she asks.

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