Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We got back from Indian Creek last evening around 7:00.

It was a productive trip.

We got up there around noon last Wednesday. We moved in and just enjoyed the day.


I installed the final valve in the water system and soldered up the mixing valve for the shower. I tried making a mixing valve for the shower but it doesn’t work. I think that the pressure in our system is so low that the water heater is operating at near the low pressure shutoff threshold. There is also a significant pressure drop across the unit. I thought that I could run the tank-less water heater on high temp, plug it into one side of the mixing valve and just mix cold water with it but when I tried it, the heater turned off as soon as  the cold water valve was opened. The pressure on the cold water side is higher than the pressure of the water coming out of the heater and apparently stops the flow of the hot water. Oh well, the shower still works so I did no harm with the mixing valve and it allows the shower to be used with or with out the heater. It will be cold of course but on some days that is just what you want.

Sonny came up Thursday morning and I helped him put up my wedge tent so he would have his own camp.



Now he can come up when ever he wants.

I finished the plumbing for the shower and the sink in the bathhouse and put up the rest of the walls in the shower area. Patti scrubbed the walls down after I was done.


Sonny left Friday morning.

I worked on the sink at the dining hall, finishing the ditch,


hooking up the drain line and covering the ditch.


About an hour after Sonny left our friend Jane showed up.


Jane and Patti spent a lot of time chatting.


I did a couple hour turn in the hole.


Patti, Jane and I went down to the grove for a while in the afternoon and hung out by the creek. Joanne and Dave showed up Saturday evening and brought with them the toilette and linoleum for the washhouse. 

On Sunday Dave put a sink in and set up a wash station in his camp.


Patti and I repaired the front window to the cabin.


Monday, Dave took a turn in the hole


and finished it up.


(The barrel in the hole is just  a depth gauge)

Now I have to get the barrels and plumbing together. We should soon have an operating flush toilette.

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