Monday, August 8, 2011


Sonny and I got to IC around 11:00 on Wednesday.

Dave was up there when we arrived. He was picking up some of his camping gear as he was going hunting with Mat in the Mendocino forest next weekend. We unloaded the van and I moved into the cabin while Sonny took his stuff down to Dave’s tent. We visited with Dave until about 3:00 when he left for home. About an hour later Bob showed up. He was on his way to the coast to do some kayaking and stopped by to spend a couple of days and start on the hole for the septic tank.

On Thursday morning Bob started digging the hole.


Sonny and I cleaned out the ditch that Harvey dug last week


and lade the dining hall water line in it. We connected the system to the main water line but unfortunately we didn’t have enough clamps so there are some leaks that I will have to fix next time.


Bob dug.


We buried the water line to to the dining hall.


Bob dug in the pit.


On Friday, Patti came up but Harvey had a chance to go water skiing with one of his football buddies and decided that water skiing was much more fun that digging ditches so he didn’t come. Go figure!

Bob continued digging in the hole


Sonny and I moved the central sink to the end of the Dining hall IMG_6087

Bob dug,


Sonny and I took apart an old table that I had built years ago and used the lumber to build a work counter connected to the sink.



Bob continued to dig.


Around 1:00 Friday afternoon Bob had had enough digging and headed for the coast. He did a great job on the septic tank hole.


He said he was going to just get the hole started but in the end he dug it over half way. Thanks a lot Bob!

The plan is to use two 55 gallon drums for our septic tank. The system will be connected to the toilette only so it should last for a long ,long time.

Saturday morning Sonny and I installed a hose bib where the central sink used to be.


We took the rest of the day off. 

We came home on Sunday.

Harvey and I were supposed to go kayaking this week and then go up to the cabin but it looks like he is going to be tied up with football practice for the week. I may just go buy food, a barrel and the parts I need and head back up to the mountain tomorrow or Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

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