Saturday, July 23, 2011


Wow! It’s Saturday already.The week just kind of snuck by me.

Let’s see, on Tuesday Patti had surgery on her left hand to remove some skin cancer. She is doing just fine. On August 9th she will have surgery on the other hand.

I have been work on the kayak rack for the jeep.  The weather has been kind of warm so I have been spending more time taking breaks than working but I did get some things done.

Here are the rear sockets being fabricated. I had to bend a curve in the plate to fit the rear corner of the jeep.


then  I welded the sockets (1” square tubing) on.



Then  drill holes to mount it to the jeep.


The next thing was to build the front connectors.


I used some pieces of angle iron from an old bed frame for the base and welded the socket to it. I had to angle the socket out a little to clear the front of the top,

The next thing to do was to fit the 3/4” square tubing into the 1” square tubing uprights to make the “pins” that will go into sockets.


I intend to weld them through the holes in the side rather than weld around the edge. I think it will look and fit better. I still need to work on the cross pieces and decide weather I need to add any more steel running fore and aft to tie it all together.


Ok well, that’s about it for now I will keep working on the rack this week. I want to get it done soon so I can go Kayaking. I think it is the last thing I have to do in town so when its done I can move up to IC for the fall. I have plenty to keep me busy up there.

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