Monday, July 18, 2011


My grandson Harvey, is going to high school this fall and will be playing JV football. He needs to get his uniform and related football gear. We decided that, rather than give him the money for what he needs we would have him work for it. One of the things that I want him to do is dig some ditches for the waterlines at the cabin, so while we were there on Monday I showed him what needed to be done; we also cut some firewood.

On Tuesday I picked Harvey up at his home and brought him to our house so he could help me with some yard work. The backyard was in bad shape with tons of weeds and other unwanted vegetation growing everywhere. First I put him to work digging out a large Camellia that had died during the winter. After we got the camellia out he pulled up a ton plants that were taking over my raspberries. I pruned the grape arbor and Harvey cut up the pruning's and loaded them and the rest of the weeds into our large “green waste” barrel. Before long, between the weeds from the berry patch, the grapes and the Camellia bush our green waste barrel was full so we started a pile. It will take a couple of weeks to get rid of all the trimmings.

Next, I showed Harvey how to use my small electric chain saw and we cut up a bunch of lumber Bamboo that was coming up in my yard from a neighbors yard. I showed him how to use the electric weed whacker and he wacked weeds until the machine crapped out. By then it was around 4:00 so we quit for the day.

Wednesday, Harvey came back to finish the yard work. The first thing we did was go buy a new gas weed eater. I put Harvey to work with the new machine in a mass of periwinkles.


They are so tough that it was a chore even for the new gas whacker to chop down but we eventually got the area cleared.


By about 1:00 we were done with the stuff that I needed help with and the yard looks much better so we took the rest of the day off.



Friday morning Harvey and I headed back to IC. We got there about 11:00 and by noon we were moved in to the cabin and having lunch.

About an hour later Mat and his wife Elisa stopped by. They were heading for the grove to camp and needed the key to the gate.

After they left Harvey and I went down to the old home site and with the new weed eater we cleared the area around where we shoot skeet. The weeds were about waist high but the weed whacker cut them all down.

Joanne and Dave came up and moved into their lodge around 9:00 PM.

The next morning I got Harvey started on the ditch for the water line to the cabin.


It only took him about an hour to complete the ditch (ah youth) and we covered the pipe.

After lunch, I started him on the ditch for the water line to the dining hall. Now that we have water in the cabin, J&D’s camp and the Wash Room I decided to move the centrally located sink


over to the dining hall where it will be under cover. To do that we need a 100 ft. ditch. Harvey had it dug in just a couple of hours.

while Harvey dug I wacked weeds.



He did a great job and I think he earned his football stuff.

Now, I will have to buy some more plastic pipe to run the line.

Later in the day we went down to the old home site and shot some clays. Harvey shot up two boxes of 20 gauge and hit about half of the birds he shot at. Friday evening I taught Harvey how to play Rummy so Saturday evening Dave, Harvey and I played cards.


Sunday morning we were visited by a pair of Palliated Wood Peckers


We left IC around noon on Sunday.

This week I will be repairing the irrigation system in the backyard and I will try to get the kayak rack built for the jeep. If I can get that done then I can take Harvey kayaking and I will also be able to spend more time at the cabin and less time working on stuff at home.

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