Friday, October 29, 2010



It’s been raining hard since last night and looks like it’s going to last a while.

I went up to I.C. on Tuesday although for a while I wasn’t sure whether I was going to make it or not. It was about 9:30 and as I was putting the last small bag of groceries into the jeep. I bent down to pick up the bag and tweaked my back. The pain buckled my knees and I was just able to get into the house to sit down.

Dave was supposed to meet me at I.C. so I tried to phone him to let him know what had happened but his phone was off so I left a message.

I took some pain pills and did some stretches, then I walked back and forth in the house for a while to try and loosen up my back. After a while the pain lessened a little and I decided that I had to go up there because the refrigerator was standing up in the back of the jeep so the top was off and there was rain in the forecast.

I left Santa Rosa around 11:00.

As I was going down the road to the camp and just past the first gate I came upon Dave driving up the road. He had been at the camp for a couple of hours and was on his way up the hill so he could check his cell phone for messages.

At the camp we unloaded the frig and the rest of the parts and stuff that I brought up.

We put the refrigerator where I had been keeping my little propane powered cooler, at the end of the counter. It was totally in the way but we left it there for the day.

The next thing we did was to install a couple of valves


and run a waterline from the wash stand, through the chase that Patti and I had buried a few years ago, to the wash house, where we put a stub up for the Shower


and then on down the hill to Joanne and Dave’s camp where he connected it to hose bib.

hose bib

Dave did most of the hard work because of my back but by the end of the day my back was not hurting as bad as it was in the morning.

Wednesday morning we moved the frig over to the side of the room by the table. I still have to build an enclosure for the frig but that will have to wait until next year


We cut down that old funky set of shelves that we had there and moved that over to the food preparation area to put the stove on.


This it a temporary situation as we hope to use a 1930’s style apartment stove that our friend Mike has in Quartzsite if it works and will fit in the spot.

I hung up the clock and the “Tool Shed” sign.

tool shed  

It was a fairly productive couple of days.

I got home around 2:30.

Thursday morning I took the jeep into the shop to get the lockers removed. Then I went to the cardiologist for an eco cardiogram. Every thing looks good. No changes from the last one so I’m good to go for another year.

The shop called last night and said that they need the jeep for another day because they didn’t have the right parts.

Okay, that’s it for today.

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