Monday, October 25, 2010


Wow! Who turned the thermostat to Winter?

It’s been raining pretty hard for the last couple of days but it is supposed to be partly cloudy today, tomorrow and Wednesday.

Patti had some minor surgery on her foot last Wednesday

Patti's foot

and was limping around for a couple of days but is healing very well and she is walking normally now.

I have been staying busy working on stuff for the tool shed and Thanksgiving.

For the last 18 years we have been having our Thanksgiving (“Autumn feast”) at Indian Creek. In the past we all lived in tents for the weekend and had our thanksgiving meal in an 18 X 20 foot Marque tent.


The roof of the Marque was beginning to leak so about 5 years ago I (with a lot of help from everyone who comes up for Thanksgiving) built what we call the “dining hall”

with wood milled from logs that were fallen on the property and donated by Peter the owner.

Every year Joanne has boiled a large pot of potatoes over a camp fire for mashed potatoes.

cook pot

This year I fixed up an old (smokeless) propane burner I had laying around, to cook the potatoes on.


Last year Kim gave us a three burner stove so I cleaned it up and checked it out and will take that up with me tomorrow for use in the Dining hall.


I checked out the refrigerator and it works. I had to buy a deep cycle battery to run the controls but I wanted to install a 12 volt system up there anyway. I used some pieces of scrap paneling that Bob gave me to replace the door skins.


Oh Yeah! I almost for got! I made a clock out of an old shovel


and a sign for the tool shed.


Another thing that has been going on this week is, I finally have had enough with the lockers in the rear of the jeep. I have decided to get them removed and replaced with new spider gears. The lockers worked ok in the dirt but were a big pain in the butt on the road. Parking lots are the worst. when turning into a parking spot the jeep crow hop’s and clunks and scrubs rubber off the tires. If I put in the clutch when turning into a spot, the whole drive train rattles like it is trying to fall out. The jeep also lurches around tight turns on the highway and even on dirt roads. I finally got tired of all that and will have them replaced on Thursday. I am going up to I.C. tomorrow morning. It is going to be a cold ride because I have to have the top off the jeep so I can stand the refrigerator upright while I transport it and it is supposed to be cold and foggy tomorrow morning. Burrrrrrrr!

Talk to you later

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