Monday, September 13, 2010


HI, I'm back.
I was up at Indian Creek from Thursday until Sunday(yesterday).
While I was there I got all the windows made and installed. I got two of windows set up to open. I will do the other two later.

I got the bats put on the right side of the cabin.
Dave lent me a small compressor so I could use my brad nailer to put up the bats and the trim but my generator wouldn't run the compressor so I had to nail them up the old way.
I came home so I could make some more bats and make the steel brackets to support the beams for the porch. Also I am going to try and fix my small compressor or buy a new one. It would sure speed things up as far as putting up bats and trim.

I got back to Santa Rosa in time to go to Harvey's Football game.
It was great!
They won this time and Harvey was a pivotal player. He made three of their four touchdowns and two extra point kicks. Plus he made several important tackles and stops.
Of course we are very proud grandparents.
Naturally, we forgot to bring our camera so we didn't get any video or photos of the game.

More later.

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