Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday Ride and Cards.


Wednesday Ride.

Originally we weren’t going to go on a Wednesday ride.
We were going on Thursday instead.
As it turned out Bill finally got his jeep out of the shop after two months and he wanted to take it out for a test run.
Originally there was going to be just Becky, Dennis, Cheryl, Dennis, Bill and Eve.

Dennis asked if we wanted to go on the ride and since we didn’t have anything planned we said sure we would go.

We met at the Carl’s Jr. at the west end of town at 10:00.

When we got there there were four jeeps waiting.
After BS’ing for a while we headed out.

We crossed I-10 and turned west on Dome Rock Rd.


When we got to Cholla Dr. we turned south and followed Cholla Dr. until we got to the end of the pavement. Here we stopped to air down.


Here we were joined by Tom and Lillie.


After airing down we continued south for a while.

Then turned left onto BLM trail 0134.


We followed this trail for a short distance then turned right on BLM 0042A.


There is still a little water in the washes after the heavy rains we had a couple of days ago.


After taking a couple of small trails we got onto BLM 0042 which is the power-line road heading west over the mountains.


Eventually we turned left off the Pipeline Road onto a small rough trail heading southwest.


This part of the trail was a lot of fun.


A couple spots reminded us of the easier parts of the Rubicon Trail.


We went through a few places like this…


but eventually the trail got a lot easier.


Eventually we came to this game watering station.


Here we stopped to have lunch.


At one point along the trail I noticed this Bighorn Sheep skull, so I picked it up.


After lunch we continued along the trail.


Eventually we got to a wide graded road and followed it north…


until we got to I-10 where we aired up the tires…


and headed for home.
We got home by 1:40.

Dinner and Cards.

At 4:30 we went to The GrubStake’s for a Calamari dinner.

At 6:00 we went to Becky and Dennis’s to play cards.

Even though it was a short ride it was a fun day.

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