Monday, January 9, 2017

A Couple of Lazy Days and Preparing for a Road Trip.



It was very cold and windy on Friday.
Patti did the laundry and I did some house work.


Still cold and windy with a few showers. Just hung out and read for most of the day.


A little warmer today, still cloudy and threatening rain. 
We are going to leave here Tuesday morning with the Wednesday jeep group.
We are going to Wickenburg, AZ to do some trails around there. We will also be doing some trails on our way to Wickenburg.

Servicing the Jeep.

I decided to service the Jeep today. I changed the oil, the filter and greased it.
I also went over some of the suspension bolts with a big wrench to make sure everything was tight there. The kind of trails we go on are pretty rough and can loosen things up so I like to check the bolts out occasionally.
This time everything was nice and tight.


Today we are going to Parker, AZ to get a few things for our Wickenburg trip.

When we get back we will start packing for the trip.

Okay that brings us up to date. I will try to post daily on our Wickenburg trip.

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