Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Puttering in the yard



In the morning I cut up the old Apple tree.


It turned out to be full of termites.


My sister Mary was having an open house art sale so in the afternoon Patti and I went to Petaluma to visit her.


We had a nice visit for a couple hours while she showed her art to prospective customers.


Puttered around in the backyard getting the site for the shed ready. We have changed my mind a couple times regarding exactly how the shed will sit on the site.


Bought the 2X4’s for the frame for the foundation of the shed.

Later, I chopped up the bushes that I cut down the other day and managed to get them all in the yard waste barrel.

My niece Joanne came by for a visit in the afternoon.

I kind of laid out the 2X4’s where the shed will sit but I still have to find out what the legal set back (distance from the fence) is for a shed. The shed is 10’X10’ but the pad for the shed is 12’X12’. The frame is for the pad and will be filled with 3/4” drain shale.


I hope I will be able to move it back toward the fence a little more.

Okay that’s about it for now.
We will be going to the cabin for a week. I am going up on Friday morning. On Sunday, I will meet Patti at a Family Reunion at Lake Mendocino. From the party I will lead my brother-in-law Bobby, back to the cabin. We are going to try and get his RV to the cabin.
He says he thinks he can do it. I haven’t seen his RV so I can’t say what will happen. It aught to be interesting. I hope I remember to take pictures.

I probably won’t be posting for a week unless I have time Sunday morning.

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