Friday, May 1, 2015

Back home and a happy reunion. 05-01-15



Okay I got back to SRO around 4:30. on Tuesday. As soon as I got home I started unloading the jeep. Then I went to Carl’s Jr. for dinner. Had their all natural burger and some onion rings. The sandwich was okay but the onion rings sucked. I ended up with the  worst hart burn that I have had since I started taking Omeprazole many years ago. It took four Tums to get rid of it.


The first thing I did was to start charging batteries.

I worked on my chain saw for  while it turned out that one of the mounting bolts had stripped out. I managed to get the saw back together and the bolt is in place but won’t tighten completely. It should work okay but we will see in a week or two when I go back to the cabin and start cutting up the trees Bob cut down.

Puttered around the yard a bit. Cut down about six lumber bamboo that were coming up in the back corner of the yard.


Waited around for Patti to get home. She called around 10:30 saying that the bus was just turning off the freeway at Todd Road. I got in the jeep and headed for the buss stop. I got there just as the bus was pulling in.
A happy reunion!

Okay that’s about it for now.

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