Thursday, April 12, 2012


On Wednesday we went for a ride with Cheryl and Dennis (White Jeep)


and Becky and Dennis (Rhino).


This would be the last ride for the season for Cheryl and Dennis and perhaps for the rest of us as well. The time for us to head home to California is fast approaching.

We met Cheryl and Dennis at their place around 9:00 and it was decided that I would be the leader for the day. We also decided that since it was the end of the season, that we would visit some of the trails that would possibly be closed by the BLM next year. Also Becky and Dennis were driving their Rhino so we decided to stay close to home. We went out Sunkist Road to the trail that goes over Preacher Pass. 


Since we had been over the pass on Saturday, when we got to the place where the trail turns right to go over Preacher Pass we instead, continued straight toward Ibex Pass and the Climax Mine. We took a couple of Col-de-sac’s that Cheryl and Dennis had not previously been on. One such trail took us to one of the many game watering systems found in the desert.


Becky and Dennis were negotiating on the phone with a woman in Idaho to buy a 2005 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited so we stopped a couple of times where they had a cell lock so they could leave and receive messages.


When all the calls were completed we headed to one of my favorite roads. It goes over a rollercoaster like trail, through a narrow wash and along a very narrow track to Plomosa Road to where Quinn Pass begins.

It was very windy so we stopped in the wash out of the wind for lunch.


We went over Quinn Pass


and at the bottom, on the west side we turned to the right and came back over another pass that returns to Plomosa Road just north of Quinn pass. From there we headed home. At about 5:00 we met with everyone at Carl’s JR for hamburgers.

As it turned out, Becky and Dennis did buy the jeep.


Dave picked it up for them in Boise, Idaho today and they will no doubt go to Dave and Jo Ann’s in Idaho Falls to pick it up this summer.

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