Saturday, June 18, 2011


It has been quite a long time since my last post. Since then we have gone to and returned from Redmond, Oregon and our granddaughter, Samantha’s High School graduation. It took us a day and a half to get from Santa Rosa  to Redmond; spending the night at the Waterwheel RV Park just North of Klamath Falls on the Williamson River.


When we got to Redmond we went directly to the The Deschutes County Fairgrounds and Expo Center RV Park; where we spent the next six nights. After we got set up, Patti’s daughter Becki, Samantha and Becki’s friend Dereck came by to guide us to their house.


We spent the next few days visiting, getting ready for Samantha’s graduation and just hanging out.


One day while Patti and Becki were doing some shopping, I decided to get familiar with the town of Redmond, so I jumped in the jeep to take a ride around town. The city is stretched along Highway 97 which runs North & South. There are a lot of new business's along the highway. To the West of the highway is the older business streets. I managed to find my way around town (including a couple of shortcuts) and was able to find my way home again.

Thursday, Patti and I took a ride South on 97 to check out the Lava Land, Lava Caves. Unfortunately the caves were not open yet but we did get to take a ride to the lookout on top of a Lava butte.


From the lookout we could see a fire to the Southeast.


After looking around the lookout for a while




we drove back down the dome and found a road that went west to the Deschutes River. After traveling about 4 miles we came to a parking area and boat take out.



There were two couples putting their Kayaks away. They said that they put in at Sun River and had about a three hour paddle. Just below the take out point was a man made log jam


that was put in to protect a foot bridge over the river.

Patti’s youngest daughter Dina and her friend Bambi and Bambi‘s son, Micheal arrived around 3:30 in the afternoon on Friday.


Samantha’s high school Graduation started around 7:00. It was a very large graduating class and it took a while to get it over with.

Speakers had to speak,


the band had to play, choir had to sing


and then they had to hand out the 400+ diploma’s.


It was all very emotional with lots of joyful tears and cheers.




On Saturday we went to one of the local parks for a family picnic. Some more family, Kathi and Bob’s oldest daughter, Angie, her husband, Gus, daughter, Pricilla and son, Nico, arrived in the morning.

Samantha got to open some graduation gifts after lunch.


Some fool let the two teenage boys buy silly string.



Sunday, the ladies went to a casino North of Redmond. The only one to break even was Dina. Derik, Gus and I went out to the woods to do a little shooting and some four wheeling.

We left Redmond around 9:00 Monday morning and drove to just South of Redding where we got a spot at The JGW RV park on the Sacramento river.

We got home on Tuesday around 2:00.

Since we’ve been home, I got the chain saw running, the generator fixed and put the shocks on the van.

Today (Saturday) we are going to finish cleaning the RV and put in storage.

I will be going up to Indian Creek on Monday or Tuesday. Patti will be going up on Friday and we will come home the following Monday.

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