Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Patti and I arrived at I. C. around 3;00 Friday afternoon. We unloaded the Trailblazer and setup housekeeping in the “tool shed”.DSCN0296

Around 7:30, we had just finished supper when, Joanne and Dave arrived. We visited for a bit, then they went to their camp to unload and eat their supper. Dave had come up on Thursday, to set up their 10’ X 12’ Wall Tent on the platform.


Like us, all they had to unload was their food, bedding and cloths. After they had eaten and got a fire going in their wood stove, Joanne and Dave came up to our place. We spent the evening visiting until bed time, when they went off to their camp.

Saturday morning started bright and clear.

Sometime before noon it clouded up and started to rain. It rained off and on for the remainder of the day and most of the night. We managed to work on a few projects between the rain storms. Dave built a bench out of the remainder of a redwood log





and some other yard furniture.


Patti and I started framing the shower surround.


During the rain storms we hung out in our cabin and played “LCR” (a dice game).


In the evening after supper we played “Five Crowns” (a card game).


The rain stopped some time before dawn and Sunday turned out to be a very nice day. Around 10:00, Dave and I started cooking brunch Dave made pancakes and I did a big frittata.


After brunch Dave and I were going to shoot some clays. Joanne and Dave’s son Matt and his wife Elisa showed up about then so Dave, Matt and I went down to the old home site where I have a clay pigeon thrower set up and shot at some clays for a while.



Later Dave and I did a little more work on the shower.


Peter, the property owner stopped by for a short visit on his way to the grove to camp.

Matt and Elisa left in the late afternoon. Dave and I did some weed wacking.


It looks pretty good.


That evening, Joanne volunteered to cook supper on our new stove.


She made a pasta dish and it was great.

In the morning I did some weed wacking around the cabin and up the hill.


Joanne and Dave left for home around 4:30; it was raining when they departed.

After J & D left Patti and I played cards, listened to the radio and the rain.

We headed for home around 1:00 on Tuesday.

Some of the pictures in this post were taken by Joanne.          Thanks  Joanne.

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