Sunday, May 23, 2010


The wind has been blowing hard for the last three days. Today there is a pall of dust hanging over the valley this afternoon that looks Like fog.

It just started to rain, they are big drops so it probably won't last very long.

We took a ride today with Barb and Harry Hutchins, who were our neighbors in Quartzsite. They are from Moab.

They took us out La Sal Loop Road. We passed Ken's Lake

Of course all the scenery is beautiful.

We passed lots of red rock formations

and a waterfall that comes out of a tunnel through the mountain

We also visited a man made cave that was used as a set for a Roy Rogers movie in the

The cave even has fake cave art.

I tried to find out which movie it was but without any luck.

We drove through a scenic valley with some nice expensive homes and up Pack Creek Rd.
We were home around noon.

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